How to Maintain Curb Appeal in the Winter Months

Nov 21, 2022 (0) comment

When winter kicks in, people feel like the season will extend forever because of the sickening cold and snow. Even though the winter period is tough, one can embrace the home’s curb appeal. A home’s attractiveness can be made if a resale agenda is on the offing, but also during the winter, the same should be done. Here are ways of boosting a home’s attractiveness.

Go Green

Adding flowers or fresh greenery is an effective way of keeping up with a home’s curb appeal over the winter. The deciduous vegetation helps during the winter because the leaves hold onto the snow, securing the home, and adding life to it. The winter seems dull, but the evergreen shrubs make the front and backyard look colorful and attractive. A good plant arrangement regardless of the number upgrades the exterior complexion of a home.

Snow Removal

During the winter ice and snow pile up on sidewalks and driveways, therefore, affecting walkability. Potential buyers can slide and fall, and they might develop negative impressions. Alternatively, a homeowner enjoys the stay if the landscape and other exterior spaces are debris-free and more appealing. Therefore, one should ensure the driveway and paths are shoveled or removed using snow blowers.

Exterior Lighting

Many winter days are shorter, dark, and dull. Therefore, exterior lighting creates a curb appeal because it makes the home appear welcoming and cozy. The warm glow should also be spread out to pathways. One can install bulbs and white lights or even outdoor chandeliers for lighting the exterior door. Exterior lighting makes the ground look golden because the fixtures glow. If the ground is slippery, downward soffit fixtures can add relevant curb appeal and upgrade visibility.

Window Cleaning

Clean windows can make all the difference during the darker colder months. They will allow more sunlight to come through to the inside and make your home or office look better from the outside. Be sure to keep the interior of the windows clean at all times and have a professional window cleaning service come clean the outside once a month.

Door Color Pops

During the winter, the front door should not blend in with the house’s color, instead, it should stand out. Therefore, one should paint it differently at a manageable fee. The door color enhances and accentuates other exterior features. A bright paint can be chosen based on the dominant color to achieve the desired final product. Alternatively, shiny garden ornaments can be added at the front door because they are cheaper and distinctively enhance curb appeal by eliminating gloominess and darkness. However, the color tone chosen should complement the home across all seasons.

Gutter Cleaning

During extreme winter conditions, roofing gets damaged by the piling snow. Both sides of gutters collect snow, making them loose, and if not attended to on time, they can fall off. Therefore, frequent exterior cleaning should be done during the winter to enjoy extended gutter services. Also, people living in areas heavily affected by winter conditions should opt for inclined roofing designs; otherwise, the shingles will be dislodged.

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