Top 5 Features That Homebuyers Are Looking for

Oct 04, 2021 (0) comment

The housing market has been busy lately, and if you’re going to sell a home, you might be interested in what homebuyers today are looking for. Most people want a house that’s priced reasonably, but they also want a few key features. If you’re looking to better understand what goes on inside the minds of homebuyers, these tips are for you.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are one of the features of a home that never goes out of style. Hardwood floor cleaning is easy and they only need major maintenance once every few years. You’ll also love that they look beautiful, and they’ll last longer than many other materials when they’re cared for properly. 

Ceiling Fans

It’s such a simple feature that it’s easy to undervalue, but a lot of homebuyers like updated ceiling fans. The reason is that a lot of people like to be able to save money on their energy costs, and you can save a ton both in the winter and summer by using your ceiling fans. They can push warm air down into the room in the winter and create a cooling breeze in the summer.

Energy-Efficient Appliances and Windows

If you already have updated appliances that are energy-efficient, you’re going to be glad that you made the investments. Homebuyers love seeing ways to save on energy costs. Plus, everyone loves having newer windows and appliances because it gives them peace of mind knowing that the appliances and windows won’t need to be replaced for many years.


Especially if the house is a little short on living space, a patio is a great way to make the house feel larger. If you have some extra space in the backyard but the area doesn’t feel inviting, getting some patio furniture, outdoor screens, a pergola, and other accessories can open up the home. If you don’t yet have a concrete patio or a deck, you can easily get some pavers to lay down and be done with the project after about a day or two. Add some potted plants if you want some greenery that’s very simple to maintain and change out when you want.

Walk-In Pantry

Most people feel like they never have enough storage space in their kitchens, but a walk-in pantry is a great place to keep your dry goods and cleaning supplies. If you have a walk-in pantry, highlight it in the description of the house if you’re selling it soon.

Whenever you’re looking for a way to please homebuyers, make sure that you understand some of the things that they’re most interested in. You might not be able to add all of the features, but there are some that are very simple and relatively inexpensive to add to your home.


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